Saturday, June 20, 2009

Prayer Request

I am asking my cyber friends to add two of my friends and me to your prayers. We have been praying about this for a couple of weeks now and feel God leading us in this direction. It is our dream to open a Christian Scrapbook Store in our town. There are no scrapbook stores within a 60 mile radius of where we live and feel this would be a great place to open one. A Christian Scrapbook Store, because we are Christians and believe anything we do we need to do it for the glory of God. We are hoping to open this scrapbook store without going into debt. We are hoping to either receive grants to do this, or even find someone to help support this ministry we wish to begin. It is our desire to follow God's will in all we do, and we believe if it is God's will for us to open this Christian Scrapbook Store then He will make it possible.

Thanks for your prayers.


Scrapishments said...

I am such a firm beleiver that if you want something bad enough, you can make it happen! :), and that nothing good comes without taking risks. I would love to open up a scrapbook store! If there isn't already a store close to where you live, then I say for sure go for it! Good luck, and be sure to keep us posted on your blog Tricia :)


Little Scraps of Heaven Designs said...

Thanks Shannon, I will definitely keep you posted.

Helen Dooley said...

This is on an old post. BUT this is amazing. I would love to hear follow up on it. Good Luck and prayers of strength are going our for you.

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