Being Sick is the Worst

I started getting that "feeling" on Tuesday that I was coming down with something. Tuesday night I went to bed with a slight fever and a little chest congestion. Wednesday morning I woke up to feeling like crud. Praying all day Wednesday that I would feel better so I wouldn't have to cancel my vacation plans. Woke up this morning not feeling much better so I decided it was time to call the doctor. My girls and I are leaving for Louisiana on Saturday, so I need to feel better before then. I went to the doctor's today to find out I have bronchitis and a sinus infection. Yeah! (being a little sarcastic there.) I have blown my nose so much that I now look like Rudolph. The doctor put me on some antibiotics so I'm hoping and praying I am better by Saturday. If not, then I'll have to disappoint my girls and cancel our trip. Which will also disappoint my mom and dad and my aunt too. They were all looking forward to us visiting. So all my praying blogger friends out there, please pray for a speedy recovery for me. Thanks!!



Sandra said…
You have a couple days of antibotics in your system, so hopefully you will feel a little better by Saturday, my friend.
Sherry said…
oh goodness!! Bronchitis is horrible!! I get it every single fall! I will definitly keep you in my prayers! Feel better soon and have a safe trip!
JustYolie said…
I hope the antibiotics kick in soon so you don't have to cancel your vacation.
Shirley said…
Tricia, sure hope you feel bettter soon and you can make the trip.
Erin said…
Thanks goodness for modern medicine. Hopefully you're on the road to recovery and soon on the road to your vacation. Take care!
jeannemarie said…
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Southernbelle said…
Hope you get to feeling better!!!!

I have a question also...I noticed you have weekly freebie's on your site now, which I love! Thank you! Is there a way we can sign up to get weekly emails about that?

Yes, I will be adding a newsletter to my website. I'm just not sure when I'll get to it. Hopefully by the end of the month, but being sick for a week has put me behind a little.
Thanks for asking,
Anonymous said…
Ahhhh Tricia, I am so sorry your sick. I hope you are back creating soon. Take care,