Available @ myscrapchick dot com

I am excited to announce My Forest Friends is now available at www.littlescrapsofheavendesigns.com . This set includes patterns to create a wolf, a fox, a bear, a bunny, a skunk, a squirrel, a raccoon, a mouse, a turkey, an owl, a blue bird, and a frog. Click here to purchase the download for this adorable collection of Forest Friends.


Paperprincess34 said…
These are adorable. As fabulous as ever. You are sooooo creative and talented!
Tammy said…
These are awesome! Thanks so much for visiting my blog and following me! I love your blog and your creations! I just tried to send you and e-mail over at Posh Scrapbook design but I don't think it went for some reason. I will try again later maybe. Anyway, love your work!