Face Painting

Our church is having a Youth Kickoff tonight and I decided that we would have a picture scavenger hunt. I made a list of things the kids had to get pictures of and on the list I added a painted pumpkin. You see pumpkins all over the place, but a painted pumpkin is hard to come by. So I took on the task of painting a pumpkin. This wasn't a difficult task for me because in past years I have painted faces on pumpkins. For one, it makes the pumpkin last longer, and two, because I just love the look of painted faces on pumpkins. I thought he turned out so cute I decided to share him with my blogger friends.

Thanks for stopping by.
((Oh, and if I have time tonight I will get a paper piecing pattern posted. So be sure to come back later.))



It is adorable! You did a great job, I was thinking of doing this this year for my pumpkins too.
Jeana said…
He is adorable & looks even cuter sitting on my front porch, lol!
Sandra said…
I LOVE it! This is soooo cute!
Anne said…
Wow! Your painting looks awesome!He is so cool!!! =)
What kind of paint have you used?

Anne =)
I used apple barrel paints from Walmart. And then painted over it with a sealer.
Anonymous said…
Your pumpkin is adorable. I remember when my children were young and we did fall festival at church. It was always such a wonderful time. Oh I miss those days. Enjoy every second!
I am one of the designers for Pixie Cottage. I just wanted to tell you I love your new stamps. I know they are going to be a big success.

Pam L.