Almost to 100

Looking at my list of followers I see I have almost reached 100. I have been anticipating 100 followers for some time now. I have been excited to offer my first blog candy, and I was waiting until I reached 100 followers to do so. The blog candy I give away will be a pattern set I have designed. I haven't decided which one yet, I may even create a new pattern set for my giveaway. We'll just have to wait and see. Just 3 more followers to go and I will announce my very first blog candy.
Help me get there... invite your friends to follow.



Anonymous said…
Only 2 more to go now :0)
Jeanette T. said…
Woo Hoo, just 2 more. I have a long way to go I only have 17. Maybe you can stop by my blog and help me out. LOL. Love your blog!
Cindy said…
Your over the top now! Funny I stop by all the time just never hit the follow button. But I did now!
Congrats on 100+ followers, can't wait to see what your blog candy will be, love your work!